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Skilled Trade Spotlight: Machine Operator

At Demex we know that being highly skilled in our trades is critical to building sustainable projects for our customers. Today we are looking at our highly skilled force of Machine Operators.

Our machine operators are not your average operators. They are skilled in working on floating rigs, in the water, and on various shoreline conditions. From sand and rocks, to unstable earth, our operators run machines as small as skid steers and mini excavators, up to our largest excavator, a Cat 345. If you’re lucky enough to see a barge-to-land crawl off on one of our projects, you’ll have a new appreciation for these crew members.

Our operators can also be found working inland, typically on civil projects like outfalls or underground utility work. We do have one type of project that is a favorite among our operators… Metropark Trails and Streambank stabilization! They absolutely love working in the woods, building safe and sustainable pathways for folks to enjoy.

Think you have what it takes to be a Demex Operator? Email your resume to

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