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Safety Stand Down 2020

This past week Demex participated in the national Safety Stand Down. This initiative is set forth by the Department of Labor and OSHA. Our crews completed in person and online professional development in the area of "FALL PREVENTION". This will be an ongoing topic as part of our expanded safety program that launches this October.

To align with the three steps- PLAN-PROVIDE-TRAIN... Demex is taking a comprehensive approach to fall prevention. Our safety officer ensures that every job is vetted for safety concerns and potential hazards. Collaborating with the Superintendent and site foreman a plan of action is created, and master list of PPE and equipment is generated for each job. Our ongoing training program ensures that our crews not only have the knowledge and skillset to use the equipment safely, but are comfortable doing so.

After completion of the Safety Stand Down, we will "stick-it" to the crews and deliver their hard hat decals, recognizing them for their continued commitment to safety first.

Don't forget to follow our Facebook and Instagram @Demex_Marine to see one of our "Stick-it" sessions!

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