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Looking back at 2020 | the recap

January | Starting in the beginning, we rang in the new year and were still hard at work sailing every week. The Lake was late to freeze, and it allowed us to help additional homeowners protect their shoreline from erosion. We were able to place just over 2000 tons of armor stone and a pier in January.

February | Typically our maintenance month for the floating fleet, we pulled the barges out of the water in Sandusky, Ohio and spent most the month welding, grinding and preparing for the upcoming season. We did work with our sister company Gamellia Ironworks on a land based seawall project.

March | The worldwide pandemic hits Ohio, the governor shuts down schools and business across the state. Our employees safety was our top priority, as we began to navigate the new CDC guidelines, some of us worked from home and some of us were still essential employees and in the field daily.

April | With the Lake Erie fish spawning moratorium underway, we focus on the land based work during this time. This month found us laying a record of underground utilities.

June | As the weather shifted, we hit the water full speed ahead. Working on over a dozen separate properties.

July | Continuing with our full speed ahead mantra, we worked every possible day. We were also in the works of some major changes back at headquarters.

August | Those big changes we talked about at headquarters are in full swing... by the middle of the month, Demex Marine was sold to Jim Gamellia, owner of Gamellia Ironworks and Construction.

September | The Fleet is getting a makeover with the Demex Blue, and lettered up. As we continue to deliver thousands of tons of armor stone to our clients.

October | With record rain this month, we were knocked off the water several days. That didn't stop us from being engaged in the community and getting the job done, even when it was wet. This month also brought an addition to our fleet... the William Dora.

November | With mild temperatures, we continued sailing every day possible. Alongside our sister company, we saw some collaborative land projects finish up.

December | As the holidays began to creep up on us, we continued to capitalize on every day we could from repairs and maintenance to placing stone in the water. We are grateful for the days mother nature gives us.

As we ring in the New Year and say goodbye to 2020, we wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, and Peaceful 2021.

-The Demex Team

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