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Lakeside Oasis takes shape...

Late last summer Demex was awarded the contract for a shoreline project on Cleveland's west side near Edgewater Park. The coastal engineer on the project was KS Associates, with engineer Christopher Day on point. We knew the soil conditions were going to be a problem from the onset, so from the very beginning, we had ongoing discussions with both the engineer and property owner to address issues related to the poor soil and site conditions.

Pre-construction site conditions.

Construction began in December and wrapped up earlier last month. The Northeast Ohio weather didn't do us any favors in improving the site conditions those first few months, as the freeze-thaw cycle, made the clay thick, heavy, and as usual, sticky! It may have slowed us down, but it didn't stop us, and we continued to persevere and help these owners see their Lakeside Oasis begin to take shape.

Work was easy on the frozen days!

The scope of work included the catch basin, and drainage system that went to the lake from the (yet-to-be-built) home's downspouts and groundwater runoff. We later added an overflow to allow drainage during NE Ohio's notorious freeze-thaw winters, when the lake still has an ice shelf that can block the pipe, and the ground is becoming saturated from melting snow and ice.

Drainage pipe, catch basin, and overflow.

Next up was the switchback trail that allowed the owners access to the shore from the top of the bluff, followed by a Lakeside concrete patio with spectacular city views.

Concrete pour day!

Time-lapse of the pour captured by the homeowner.

On our way out, we seeded the slopes and covered them with turf mats, to ensure the new vegetation can take root and help stabilize the earth. All of the work completed was landward of the FEMA flood line, as the next phase of the shoreline work will include a complete revetment.

Sprouting vegetation, a lakeside path, and an oasis with a view.

Thank you to the Youngs for letting us take part in your Lakeside living journey!

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