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Armor Stone Revetment | From start to finish

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

100% of our Armor Stone is locally sourced from quarries along Lake Erie. This natural limestone has stood the test of time for hundreds of years, and it up to the task of protecting your shoreline.

Lafarge Quarry, Marblehead

After the stone has been quarried, it's then loaded into large trucks approximately 25 tons at a time. The trucks drive onto a scale before leaving the quarry. These weight slips are matched to our barge markers, double checking the stone quantities for our customers. The Trucks then make the journey to one of our load sites, where they make quite the entrance.

Once the 25 or so tons is safely dropped and the truck has cleared the area, our crews take over moving the stones and stock piling them to be loaded onto one of our barges. An average revetment installed by Demex Marine is 600 tons, that takes 24 trucks to deliver the stone to our load site!

Demex load site, Avon Lake

After the stone has been delivered and stockpiled, the process of loading the barges begins. Our barges are marked to measure our 100 tons at a time, this is determined by specific armor stone draft marks. We then double check the calculations against the weight slips ensuring the correct tonnage is delivered to our clients.

Demex load site, Avon Lake, Ohio

So far the stone has been handled no less than 20 times since being quarried, and its journey isn't over just yet. The Demex Crews set sail from our load site, and head towards the customers home.

Demex Barge, Lake Erie, Ohio

Once at the customers home, the barge makes its careful approach to shore, often clearing a path through broken concrete and debris hidden under the water. Once the barge is close enough to shore, it spuds down and crew members get to work.

Demex Barge, Lake Erie, Ohio

Toe stones are placed under the water down into the bedrock, these serve as the building blocks of the revetment the average 600 ton revetment takes 2 days to install.

Demex Barge, Lake Erie, Ohio

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